The Aquaticar™ Experience is the world’s first underwater driving adventure! Guests drive futuristic vehicles through an underwater world that can be themed to fit nearly any concept—from teeming coral reef to rugged Mars landscape, or even a dark ride with startling surprises around every corner.

The Experience begins above water as two guests per vehicle load into height-adjustable seats, then a canopy with a large acrylic viewing panel is pivoted into place overhead. Loaded vehicles enter a specialized track where the cars descend into a themed body of water. Guests stay dry from mid-chest up. From mid-chest down, the pioneering underwater drivers feel a rush of water as they steer their vehicles through a themed environment full of adventure.

Vehicles travel underwater along the track complete with straightaways, curves, and hairpin turns. Guests can steer the vehicle within the track, or simply allow rollers to guide it. As vehicles move along the track, a flow of air is released into the cars. The air not only provides fresh breathing air to the canopy, but also feeds the car’s Bubble Engine™, which harnesses the uplift force of air and propels the car forward. Guests hear a “thump…thump…thump” sound as bubbles exhaust from the engine, and the vehicle chugs along the course. Vehicle speeds can be adjusted for theming or event effects, and to control the total tour time.

Ride time is about 4 to 5 minutes. At the end of The Aquaticar Experience, vehicles ascend out of the water on a conveyor. Staff members pivot the canopy open and guests exit the vehicle, allowing new underwater drivers to take their seats!