The Aquaticar Experience is designed as a family attraction for water parks or theme parks, and can be combined with other experiences, as well as restaurants and retail.
Revenue Streams
  1. Aquaticar sales
  2. Photo & video sales
  3. Retail sales: Aquaticar souvenirs


Additional Revenue Streams
  1. Other experiences: SeaTREK helmet diving, beach break, snorkeling
  2. Surrounding retail, restaurants & bars
Guest Profile
  • Minimum age: 5 years old (height restriction may apply)
  • Multi-generational, inclusive of the whole family
  • Guests remain dry from mid chest up and can wear prescription glasses or contact lenses
  • No experience necessary; guests do not have to know how to swim
Customized Experience

Designed to fit your needs…

  • The Aquaticar body of water and track configuration can be customized to fit your space

Designed to tell your story…

  • The underwater theming can be as broad as your imagination– from a teeming coral reef to a rugged Mars landscape… or even a dark ride with surprises around every corner.


Ready to take the plunge and learn how Aquaticar could be incorporated into your facility? Contact our team today for a customized quote.